Upgrading or not using it?
Donate for good!

We currently need the following:


    • Laptops
      Macs or PCs, used or refurbished in good condition. We can arrange to pick up donations in most countries.
    • Smartphones and Tablets
      New or old but functioning android only phones or tablets to help us equip new teams and propagate effective treatments.
    • Working vehicles anywhere in Africa
      Old or new in fair condition to assist us bringing our programs
      to isolated rural regions. 4x4 will take us further.
    • Personalized T-shirts
      We want the local communities we work with to immediately recognize our staff upon arrival, and hope that our logo and presence becomes a symbol of hope and safety in the midst of fear. If you own a t-shirt printing company or would like to donate an order, please contact us and we'll send you the t-shirt design!

    If you are able to donate any of these items, contact us to arrange details. 

    Thank You