Trauma Healing for All.

A Charity Dollar Has Only One Life, a Social Business Dollar Can Be Invested Over and Over Again
— Muhammad Yunus


Our business is focused on offering affordable evidence-based trauma treatment to all, and ensure it becomes freely available to the most vulnerable populations worldwide. 

We have a high impact and scalable business model to bring evidence-based PTSD treatment to anyone in need, especially those in humanitarian emergencies. 

As our business matures, we will become a self-funded organization, raising money by treating people with PTSD through a market cross-subsidy approach: the more people pay a fair price for treatment in stable economies, the more financial resources we will have to invest in clinical efficacy research and offer free evidence-based care to those who can't afford it.


With all the trauma I experienced after the War my life was wasted. In fact you are my mentor, the voice for the voiceless. Anytime I think of Sync I see myself transforming from grass to grace. Words cannot express the kind of post trauma treatment you went through with me. I know it was short-termed but the little you gave me is worth. I can’t describe the type of trauma I suffer from birth till I was able to get in contact with you. 

-Kaba Moore, former beneficiary and current eResilience Group Facilitator in Liberia, West Africa

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Our Research Strongly Focuses on Neuroscience, Culture and Technology, to Ensure Our Trauma Programs are Effective, Safe, and Accessible.


Current Projects

eResilience Pilot Field Implementation in Liberia, West Africa (2017-2018)
The Sankofa Project was launched in June of 2017 at an Ebola-impacted community in Liberia to examine clinical efficacy of the intervention curriculum (digitised as the eResilience App) developed and utilised with 7,000 survivors of war. Our teams are conducting a throughout follow-up of 100 beneficiaries at 3, 6, and 12 months. The final stage of follow-up is due in December of 2018 for conclusion of the project.

Proposals in Development


Trauma Care via NF-Integrated non-Exposure Virtual Reality (Child and Adult versions).
In collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), our goal is to take the our curriculum to a new dimension: children and adults with trauma or anxiety will be able to watch their brains change while completing fun age-appropriate tasks in virtual reality. Sale profits will be directed to fund large-scale global dissemination of the eResilience App for vulnerable populations.


eResilience App Veterans Version
Our curriculum can be adapted to different settings and populations. We aim to work alongside the United States and Australian Veteran Affairs to build the eResilience App Veterans Version, suitable for utilisation before, during, and after deployment. Research will be conducted to examine if the curriculum is also effective in preventing PTSD.


 “She guided through the trauma healing and from that healing today I am able to recover, I came to myself, I came to my senses. I really feel good that now I am a human being, and I am safe, I feel fine in my body. – F.D.”


Funding EResilience for Ebola Survivors in West Africa.


Special thank you to Bono from U2 for supporting our campaign and to all U2 fans coming together to sell our bracelets during the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour!


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